The Smoke House on Hammer Head Ridge

Our latest dimensional sign project was a lot of fun to design and create.

This project was commissioned as a birthday gift for the client’s spouse. We talked about what the sign could look like, the client provided only one basic requirement, it must read “The Smoke House on Hammer Head Ridge”. I requested pictures of their house from various angles as I envisioned using it as the focal point of the sign. I knew wind had to play an influence on the sign’s appearance, it’s presence is constant and unrelenting. The next influence on this sign would be the hammer heads. Knowing that this location has a history of being an indigenous land, used as a hunting and gathering area for centuries long before the white people moved in. There are artifacts to be found and over the years, the client’s husband had accumulated a number of hammer heads which he has on display in the smoke house lookout tower. The final influence is the smoke house concept. A part of this house had been built years ago, several miles from its present location by an oil and gas company. The house and surrounding buildings were designed to a western theme in order to blend into the countryside. When the building was no longer required the local fire department acquired the building and used it as smoke filled house to train fire fighters rescue techniques, hence the smoke house.

This sign was designed with Enroute software and then machined on our Multicam 3000 router. The material used for the sign is Precision Board High Density Urethane (HDU). This material will outlast a traditional wood sign many times over, is insect and rot resistant, perfect for outdoor installations. All our signs are crafted in house and are truly one of kind originals!