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Multiwerks retro boom box

I had this idea of creating a new sign for the shop entrance that showcased a lot of the things we like to do. It would be a full load of texture and details. Painted with deep rich colours and guilded with gold leaf to highlight the most important parts. This sign is about 75% complete now and when time allows the balance of the details will go on.  I used the CNC router for the majority of the fabrication but for a slightly different twist I used the CO2 laser to engrave the hex patterns on the sides of the “signs” dials. The rotary engraving accessory worked exceptional well for this task. Still lots of details to add to this sign. Wait and see.


New Wild Brewing Co. Kombucha Signs

This week we are putting the finishing finish on the new hanging signs that are going to hang outside the Wild Brewing Co. shop in Red Deer Ab. The four signs were cut out of 1″ HDU and then bonded together to make a pair of sturdy two sided signs. The bare HDU sign was first primed with two coats of high build Precision Board FSC-88B primer and then finished with a semi-gloss exterior acrylic paint. The color matching of the finished product against the sample product label turned out to be exceptionally good. The white letters, logo and trim were finished with One-Shot White Sign paint. Sign production efficiency was increased significantly when we used the Xedge Tools XCT518 long tapered and ran the job in a singel pass (as compared to multiple passes with progressively smaller bits) This is the fourth sign we have completed using this technique and its working very well for us.

The Smoke House on Hammer Head Ridge

Our latest dimensional sign project was a lot of fun to design and create.

This project was commissioned as a birthday gift for the client’s spouse. We talked about what the sign could look like, the client provided only one basic requirement, it must read “The Smoke House on Hammer Head Ridge”. I requested pictures of their house from various angles as I envisioned using it as the focal point of the sign. I knew wind had to play an influence on the sign’s appearance, it’s presence is constant and unrelenting. The next influence on this sign would be the hammer heads. Knowing that this location has a history of being an indigenous land, used as a hunting and gathering area for centuries long before the white people moved in. There are artifacts to be found and over the years, the client’s husband had accumulated a number of hammer heads which he has on display in the smoke house lookout tower. The final influence is the smoke house concept. A part of this house had been built years ago, several miles from its present location by an oil and gas company. The house and surrounding buildings were designed to a western theme in order to blend into the countryside. When the building was no longer required the local fire department acquired the building and used it as smoke filled house to train fire fighters rescue techniques, hence the smoke house.

This sign was designed with Enroute software and then machined on our Multicam 3000 router. The material used for the sign is Precision Board High Density Urethane (HDU). This material will outlast a traditional wood sign many times over, is insect and rot resistant, perfect for outdoor installations. All our signs are crafted in house and are truly one of kind originals!

Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel Sign wraps up

We wrapped up the installation of the new signage last week with the installation of the LED power supplies and associated wiring on the inside wall of the building. I wasn’t able to see the sign illuminated that evening but one of the chapel staff grabbed this picture of it. The smart phone has a way of messing with contrast but he assured me the balance of halo lighing was just right.

This was a nice job, great folks to work with at the Chapel and it turned out to be a nice installation.

Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel gets a new look

The folks at the Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel are giving their chapel a fresh look with a new logo and modern signage. Having seen the new signs we created for Innotech Engineering, they liked the softer look of the HDU letters with halo lighting for nightime visibility.

Their new sign is quite large with each letter being around 24″ tall. The letters are are attached to five backing panels, painted to match the building. The letters standoff the backing panel approximately 1″ on 3/8″ Stainless Steel standoffs.

Each letter has Hanley LEDs installed in a large channel thats cut in the backside. The channel is painted a brilliant white, producing a soft glow around the solid black letters.

The new chapel logo is 5 feet in diameter and it received the same LED halo lighting treatment. It’s a very simple yet attactive logo during the daytime and at night it takes on a very different look with the halo lighting.

We will be completing the installation shortly and look forward to seeing all the componenets of this sign come together in one grand assembly.

The 2019 Invitational Sign Challenge experience

The Time Traveller was well received at the International Sign Expo. A lot of visitors to our booth were curious and excited about the collection of signs on display.

This was my first experience participating in the Invitational Sign Challange. The theme of this years contest was “Time” and aside from guidelines for physical size, the rules are pretty much non-existant. Simply stated, it was a great experience. I was able to rub shoulders with some really talented and exceptionally nice folks, learn new techniques and visit new and familiar vendors in a stress free environment.

The entries were all exceptional done and as setup day drew to a close, I could honestly say that picking a winner would be a tough one.  In the end, the votes were counted and Dan Sawatsky from the Imagination Corporation won the large sign category and Mo Flint from the Atomic Barn Studios won the small sign category.

Our host for the Invitational was the trade magazine “Signs of the Times”  We took over about half of their booth with our collection of “signs” and stuff. The entire staff of the magazine was very supportive, both in person and in print. We received a lot of attention with on-line releases in their e-magazine leading up to the event and daily updates through the show. I don’t think we could ask for a better sponsor!

Lastly, a very special thanks to the Invitational organizer Jim Dawson from Synergy Signs and Graphics. Jim did an awesome job of organizing the event, managing logistics,  rounding up sponsors and just making it all come together.

Next year, the ISA show goes to Orlando in March. The theme has been announced for next year’s Invitational, “Less is More”. I’m sure that we can do something interesting with that one!

2019 ISA Invitational Sign Challenge

The sign got its first and last bit of Alberta sunshine before dis-assembly and packing. Now enroute to Las Vegas for the big show, April 24 to 26th.

This year we’ve built a different kind of sign for the Invitational Sign Challenge, hosted at the ISA show in Las Vegas in April. The theme is time and this guy is a time traveler that travels the universe gathering treasures.

A view from the rear quarter reveals the Mayan calendar which floats and rotates in the cargo area of the beast. The crew’s cabins are in the aft end of the ship.
The skin on the aft end of the beast is HDU (High Density Urethane). 1/8″ slabs were cut from larger off cuts from other projects. These slabs were then cut on the Trotec Speedy 400 Laser into panels with fastener holes engraved into the HDU. The finish is a combination of a high texture primer coat and then several applications of Modern Masters paints and dry brushing applications

As you’ve likely noticed, it’s not really a normal sign but this is not really a normal sign contest!

Kombucha labels by the thousands!

We are definitely working overtime as we try to keep up with the demands of Wild Brew for custom made can labels for their new single serving line of Kombucha. Seems the world loves Kombucha in cans and our Mimaki wide format printer loves cranking out sheet after sheet of them.

Stettler Airport gets a new look

The signs at the airport have served their time and its time to get a fresh look on the terminal building. I worked thru a number of different design ideas and sign construction details. In the end, I selected 17 mm PVC as the main substrate to be used.  I went for a total aviation theme with riveted looking aluminum background, generously sized letters for Stettler Airport and high contrast letters for the “terminal Building” To help balance the sign out, I added a three blade propeller which will be white with red tips (just like the one on my airplane). I’m looking forward to getting these signs hung once the weather warms up.