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Wildbrew 2 custom counter front

We have been wanting to do a large scale flow feature since we started building these flowing panels on a smaller scale. By using Enroute’s ability to slice a large flowing 3D feature into several equally spaced segments, we were able to create this piece which is 136″ long and 36″ high. Its depth varies from 6″ down t 1″. We were able to get the 97 slices carefully nested into 5 sheets of 18mm baltic birch. A number of combs were created to ensure the spacing remained precise for the entire length of the piece. The installation is currently in progress at the new Wildbrew taproom and we will get pictures posted once its completed.

Invitational Sign Challenge, Work completed

Today was the deadline to submit final pictures of my entry to the competition. I don’t normally work to the last minute but this year so many things came up that pushed my sign challenge making time to the lower priority. Here’s a sneek look of my entry for the 2021 event.

Invitational Sign Challenge 2021

Enroute was used to build the 3D models of the Runes sysbols that were carved out on the Multicam CNC Router
I found this symbol while researching the Runes alphabet and it actually represents the word fish! The accent lighting was obtained with mini LEDs that shine into the channels that the router created.

This years sign challenge was scheduled to be a part of the Vegas ISA show in April of 2021. For obvious reasons, the competion will be virtual this year and entries will be judged by on-line voting. The theme for this years competion is “go fish”. As in previous years competitions, the theme is left to the artist’s imagination¬† to interpret and this is my version.

Close up of the texture obtained on the Precision Board HDU with the laser after being primed
The afternoon sun coming into the shop really shows off this cool looking texture!

I have been looking for an excuse to create some Runes symbols and this is the perfect opportunity. The Rune alphabet was used from 150 AD to 1100 AD by various Germanic languages. They were rarely inscribed on paper but rather into stone or bronze. This explains the lack of curves and the focus on straight lines.

I have created a company known as the Ostmen Lure Co. which was the principle supplier of fishing lures to many Viking outposts. The symbols that line the front of the sign represent the phrase “go fish” in the Runes alaphabet. Elsewhere, other words are represented that may be decoded with a Runes translator.

After receiving the laser treatment the vapourized HDU leaves a fine ash which is easily removed with a plastic brush. On to the painting phase from here.

To create the look of ancient bronze on the characters, I used the Trotec Speedy 400 laser to etch away the surface in a distressed manner. Once this was done, the characters received a series of paint finishes which ultimately produced a very aged appearance.

Even the backgrounds for the symbols were etched on the laser to produce an aged and worn appearance.

This work is still in progress but I’l share some pictures of progress to date.

Custom Bathroom Vanity with flowing texture

While we don’t advertise ourselves as custom cabinet makers, we do love making them and this project was a really nice one to complete. The doors and drawers were made from a eastern walnut slab that was resawn into planks and then joined together to make a large sheet that could be carved on the Multicam CNC router. Once the doors and drawers were finished machine work, they were carefully hand sanded and then finished with an oil treatment. This finish really brought out the beauty of the wood.

The pull hardware for the doors and drawers was sourced from a west coast island beach by our beachcombing friend Penny. The colours of the rocks really tie the cabinets nature look into the plank tiles used on the bathroom floor.


Wild Brew Kombucha is moving into a new home

We’re always happy to work with our favourite client and provide eye catching signage and a taproom theme that the customers love. At the end of 2020 and into the first quarter of 2021, Wild Brew is moving into a larger facility and we’re really excited to build a new look in the new home.

We have started with the exterior signage and was able to wrap up the installation before the real cold weather sunk in.

Lacombe and District Chamber of Commerce Awards 2020

This year Multiwerks was selected to design and manufacture the Lacombe and District Chamaber of Commerce awards. The awards were machined out of a solid maple plank with the Multicam CNC router and then engraved with the Trotec Speedy 400 laser. After finish sanding they received a few coats of clear laquer to bring out the beauty of the wood. Word has it, the recipients were very happy with them!

(this is just a sampling of the awards presented to many incredible people and organizations)








Montana First Nation Solar Energy Farm

We’re big fans of solar power at Multiwerks and were really excited to be able to provide all the lamacoids that were required for all the panels, building and cables used at this world class solar farm. The Trotec Speedy 400 was up the task and a nice collection of labels and tags was delivered on time. GP Joule was the prime contractor responsible for this impressive installation.

Concrete Stamps for the Okanagan Rail Trail

The Okanagan Rail Trail stretches from the north end of the valley to the south and takes a few side trails along the way. The new rest buildings along the trail needed some branding and we were pleased to provide the stamps that were set in the building’s forms before the concrete was poured. For this job we used 18 pound HDU and carved out these stamps. A few test pieces were made prior to the final stamps to ensure the angles on the sides of the letters and objects would release cleanly from the stamps when the forms were pulled. They turned out perfect (well almost) when the big reveal happened.

Red Deer Women of Excellence Awards Gala

This year we were honored to participate in the Red Deer and District “Women of Excellence” awards gala. We manufactured the awards from Ontario Sugar Maple and then engraved the logo and recipients name/catagory on each award.¬†






Multiwerks retro boom box

I had this idea of creating a new sign for the shop entrance that showcased a lot of the things we like to do. It would be a full load of texture and details. Painted with deep rich colours and guilded with gold leaf to highlight the most important parts. This sign is about 75% complete now and when time allows the balance of the details will go on.¬† I used the CNC router for the majority of the fabrication but for a slightly different twist I used the CO2 laser to engrave the hex patterns on the sides of the “signs” dials. The rotary engraving accessory worked exceptional well for this task. Still lots of details to add to this sign. Wait and see.