Multicam 3000 CNC Router

Meet the work horse in the shop, our Multicam 3000 features a 5 by 10 foot working surface, perfect for large sheets of substrate and Euro-Sized specialty plywood. The 7.5 HP spindle can run at high production rates all day. We also have a vacuum hold down system for holding sheets of material in place without the need for special clamps or screws. The gantry can be adjusted to accommodate up to 10″ high objects.

To the right you can see the Multicam on the finishing pass of a topographical sculpture of Canada’s Mount Revelstoke National Park. The first pass was completed using a 1/2″ End Mill bit which removed a significant amount of wood, down to .1 inch of the finished surface. A long reach 1/4″ ball end bit was used to smooth it on the last pass.

For more complicated cuts, like double sided sheet cuts, the pneumatic pop up alignment pins ensure super accurate placement when tight tolerances are called for.

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