Breakout Table and Nimble Stools at Wild Brewing Company, Red Deer, AB

It’s cool to challenge the norm, we do it at multiwerks whenever we can. The Opendesk concept of distributed design and manufacturing is one of those game changing challenges. Based out of London England, Opendesk provides a means for consumers to shop and purchase home and office furnishings via the net and then pick a fabricator located in their geographic area to manufacture the piece(s) for them.

This concept eliminates large factories in distant lands, packaging and shipping wastes and puts the work into small workshops in your back yard. It also allows a pool of designers, located in studios around the world to create some pretty cool looking pieces which they submit to Opendesk for prototyping and manufacturing refinement.

Valovi Chairs ready for final finishing

The business model allows for a portion of the fee charged for each piece to be allocated to the Opendesk organization, the designer and the fabricator.

Multiwerks is an approved fabricator for Opendesk products. Visit the Opendesk web site and have a look at the products available. You can place your order either with Opendesk or directly with Multiwerks.

Custom Made Signage