Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel gets a new look

The folks at the Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel are giving their chapel a fresh look with a new logo and modern signage. Having seen the new signs we created for Innotech Engineering, they liked the softer look of the HDU letters with halo lighting for nightime visibility.

Their new sign is quite large with each letter being around 24″ tall. The letters are are attached to five backing panels, painted to match the building. The letters standoff the backing panel approximately 1″ on 3/8″ Stainless Steel standoffs.

Each letter has Hanley LEDs installed in a large channel thats cut in the backside. The channel is painted a brilliant white, producing a soft glow around the solid black letters.

The new chapel logo is 5 feet in diameter and it received the same LED halo lighting treatment. It’s a very simple yet attactive logo during the daytime and at night it takes on a very different look with the halo lighting.

We will be completing the installation shortly and look forward to seeing all the componenets of this sign come together in one grand assembly.