2019 ISA Invitational Sign Challenge

The sign got its first and last bit of Alberta sunshine before dis-assembly and packing. Now enroute to Las Vegas for the big show, April 24 to 26th.

This year we’ve built a different kind of sign for the Invitational Sign Challenge, hosted at the ISA show in Las Vegas in April. The theme is time and this guy is a time traveler that travels the universe gathering treasures.

A view from the rear quarter reveals the Mayan calendar which floats and rotates in the cargo area of the beast. The crew’s cabins are in the aft end of the ship.
The skin on the aft end of the beast is HDU (High Density Urethane). 1/8″ slabs were cut from larger off cuts from other projects. These slabs were then cut on the Trotec Speedy 400 Laser into panels with fastener holes engraved into the HDU. The finish is a combination of a high texture primer coat and then several applications of Modern Masters paints and dry brushing applications

As you’ve likely noticed, it’s not really a normal sign but this is not really a normal sign contest!