Growler Carriers

One of our favorite customers, Wild Brewing, ordered a set of custom made carriers for their Growlers and Howlers. We came up with a cool looking ergonomic design and got to work on production. Fabricated from 9mm baltic birch with a laser engraved german beech inlay with their logo.   

Welcome to 2019

Its a new year and we’ve got a new look to the Tail Creek family web site.

Tail Creek Greenhouses is gearing up for the 2019 growing season. Orders are in for the licensed cuttings, seeds, perennials and nursery stock. If you have any special occasions planned for 2019 and need custom planters designed and built, now’s the time to start the conversation with us. We look forward to seeing all our greenhouse friends again and hope we have a nice warm spring with as few late blizzards as Central Alberta is capable of!

Multiwerks Design Studio is also raising it’s presence up a few more notches as we open the doors to more sign building projects.

Awesome Plants and Custom Signs