Last Day for Sales, June 19, 2021

Today is the last day we are open for retail sales. Final cleanup starts next week along with all the other things that we couldn’t get to while minding the store. It was a very interesting year, to say the least. Our staff had to cope with masks in the heat and humidity of our growing environment and the uneasiness of the whole COVID thing. It screwed up so many things in our supply chain but vendors did their best and customers understood. Sure hope that 2022 is a year that resembles normal. Thanks for supporting us, we really enjoy seeing everyone and look forward to it again! Cam and Judy

2019 Greenhouse season draws to a close

Another year of sales at the greenhouse has come to an end. June 27th is the last day of scheduled sales and the gates will be closed for a while we get caught up on all the things we can’t do when we are “minding the store”. Thanks to everyone who came by and supported our small family business and of course, a very special thanks to our awesome staff who make it all come together. I hope the rains keep up for a while as its just been too dry around here for way too long.

The saskatoon crop looks like a great pick this year, we’ll let you know when it ready to go.

Happy growing and see you soon.

Cam and Judy

2019 is going to be a great gardening season

No doubt about it, spring is really taking it’s time coming and temperatures remain below normal. That hasn’t stop things from happening within the big plastic bubbles we call home from February till the end of June. The crop looks great this year as the cooler outside temperatures keep the greenhouse temperatures more manageable during the daytime.

We are open for business on May 4th, many new varieties to look at and creative planters and gifts to get ideas from (or take home if you don’t feel like building your own)

Beautiful Plants, Experienced Staff, Great Prices