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We’ve added On-Line Gift Certificate Purchases

We have added the ablity for our clients to purchase gift certificates thru our new on line store for friends and family. It works pretty slick, you pick the gift amount and email it to the recipient. The certificate can be used for purchases made in person or for items ordered for safe pickup or delivery services.

We’re working on the details for the rest of the online items we will make available so stay tuned, I’ll announce the roll out when we’re ready to go.

The link to On-line Shopping is in the Navigation bar

Seeds are sprouting in the germination room, here we go again!

It’s amazing how quickly another greenhouse season comes around! The first planting of seeds are germinating and starting to poke up out of the planting trays. It won’t be long and the heat will be on in the big greenhouses and our staff will be working away while they enjoy the heat of the spring sunshine.

I’ll get our “What’s new” page updated shortly as we introduce new varieties. Some very interesting colour combinations this year.

For those of you who don’t get to work and live in the big warm plastic bubble, hang in there, springs just around the corner and another great year of planting and growing your favourite flowers and vegetables.

Another greenhouse season comes to a close

Another year of sales at the greenhouse has come to an end. June 27th is the last day of scheduled sales and the gates will be closed for a while we get caught up on all the things we can’t do when we are “minding the store”. Thanks to everyone who came by and supported our small family business and of course, a very special thanks to our awesome staff who make it all come together. I hope the rains keep up for a while as its just been too dry around here for way too long.

The saskatoon crop looks like a great pick this year, we’ll let you know when it ready to go.

Happy growing and see you soon.

Cam and Judy

Growler Carriers

One of our favorite customers, Wild Brewing, ordered a set of custom made carriers for their Growlers and Howlers. We came up with a cool looking ergonomic design and got to work on production. Fabricated from 9mm baltic birch with a laser engraved german beech inlay with their logo.